Arugula is an aromatic, nutty, peppery green often found in Mesclun mix yet quite delicious on its own. It is also known as rocket, rugula and rucola and it is popular in Italian cooking. In ancient Rome it was grown for both its seeds and leaves. It was used for flavouring oils and in aphrodisiac concoctions.

Rinse the leaves in cool water and dry on paper towels, then wrap them tightly in a plastic bag.

Arugula peps up sandwiches and salads. As a pesto, it perks up freshly cooked pasta or boiled potatoes. Blend a bunch in a blender with a half cup of olive oil and two teaspoons of coarse salt.

Transfer to a jar and use within five days refrigerated. This love potion works every time so if you’re unavailable, wear baggy clothes.

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