Herbs and Spices Enhance Food Flavours

There are certain herbs and spices that give us a sense of sweetness and can enhance food flavours. 

The aromas of marjoram, rosemary and mint enhance the natural sweetness of a dish. 

A dash of mint over sautéed carrots, or rosemary with roasting potatoes lifts the sweetness of these noble root vegetables.  Mustard seeds and cumin can enhance the bitterness of a cucumber pickle. 

Fresh ginger can mask the fishy notes in fish while adding zing to stir fry. 

Cinnamon can deepen the flavour of a savory lamb, duck or beef roast and heighten the sweetness of a crème caramel.  Cardomon lightens the flavour of sautéed onions, fruits, oranges and lemons. 

Nutmeg adds a hint of lemon to cheese ravioli.  Herbs and spices can turn a grey meal into full living colour. 

It’s no wonder Marco Polo went half way around the world to source them.

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