chili peppers

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers can be mildly addictive!

They contain a substance called capsaicin which makes them taste hot. 

The compound stimulates nerve endings making your brain think you are in pain.  The brain responds by releasing endorphins  resulting in a mild euphoria which makes you come back for more. 

There are several different kinds of chilli peppers with varying degrees of hotness.   

The orange-red Hungarian cherry pepper is sweet and mild served fresh or pickled. 

The long red Anaheim has mild heat and is great in salsas. 

The green to dark red poblano is great roasted or stuffed. 

Jalapeno has medium heat and is used in many Mexican dishes as is the hot and slightly sweet Serrano, but the mother of all  chilli peppers,

Habanero,  is so hot it can be dangerous.  So be careful.

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