Nutmeg Cheers Wine Food

Use Nutmeg for Medicinal Purposes and Flavours

For more than 500 centuries nutmeg has been consumed for its medicinal benefits.

Back in the days of the ancient Arabs, nutmeg was a primary treatment for nausea, shortness of breath and even skin disorders. The Hindus endeared the spice for its more sensual properties as a stimulant in boosting body heat and as a breath sweetener. Not only is nutmeg a baking spice with a bite, in medical circles it can also be regarded to be a narcotic –hallucinogenic in large doses and fatal in massive doses.

Wow, imagine overdosing on nutmeg. These days, we’re a nation of nutmeg lovers. 

I love the scent, which evokes all the warmth and comfort of home, try a dash of nutmeg in the eggnog, fresh baked spice cake for romantic times by the fire.  But we better remember, just a dash will do you right.

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