Making a Toast for Festive Occasions

When it comes to celebrating festive occasions, a good toast is like a gift. 

When toasting a group, keep it appropriate, flattering and, ideally make it memorable. Eloquence and wit should be in tune with the age and lifestyle of the group. Respectful words outweigh attempts at humour. A good toast is like a mini-speech.

Start with an introduction, then mention the theme of the event and end with a final thought. Short and sweet works, so be succinct, preferably by preparing your words. Be yourself. The best toasts are your own words because originality is the essence of wit.  Close on a positive tone.

A toast should always be upbeat and conclude with a group gesture like “Raise your glass” or “Please join me in.” or just a simple one that works for us – To my friends — Friends we are today, and friends we’ll always be, Cheers!”

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